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Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Little Seal Pup!

AURP AURP AURP! That's the noise I heard at about 11pm last night from my bedroom.
I turned to hubby & asked what it was - he too had heard it but wasn't sure what it was.
That's one of the kids barking coughing in their room!
It's Sonaeya. Then it went quiet so hubby had a peek - all was good.

Didn't think anything of it again until I hear AURP AURP & then my poor little girl come into my bedroom.
She seems happy & has no temp but is barking like a seal. Off to the docs tonight among many other things.
I've got to deposit my work cheque from Tuesday yet as well as pick Koby up from kindy. I've just finished vacuuming the lounge & unblocking the hose yet again.

My little seedling that were doing great, have been attacked by birds & are mangled. Not happy jan as I have to start all over again!

I've got a friend coming around later who's daughter grabbed Sonaeyas hair and yanked her to the floor last night. This little girl is usually perfectly behaved so it must have been my daughters 'ferelness' rubbing off on her hehehe.

Koby cracked the biggest temper tantrum on me for 2 days in a row from lack of sleep - little bugger wont go to bed when told BUT, we found that by letting him go to bed in our bed whilst we stay up, we can transfer him into his bed later on no worries.

I can't seem to get enough sleep. No matter how much sleep I get I'm still waking up completely exhausted & struggle to drag myself out of bed - it's seriously driving me insane now - I just want to wake up feeling good for a change!
I had iron testing done ages ago the came up ridiculously high so I was tested for Hymachromatosis (spelling) but it came back clear. Still doesn't explain why I'm so tired though!

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