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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh The Joys Of Renos!

Sonaeya is STILL coughing although not like a seal which is good but still a little sick ASA I'm concerned.
I had an electrician out to fix a faulty switch for my hot water that cost me $120. $120 for ONE tiny plastic switch!
Well as I think I previously mentioned (I think) I went to a cancer fundraiser & paid $130 for 2 hours of an electricians time.
Well, he came around tonight & has said even if my plans take more than 2 hours - he'll cover it & that I'm not to worry. We discussed my plans etc at length but he mentioned that any circuit he alters has to have an RCD switch on it as a safety measure. Well being as my house is 30+ years old, none of the circuits have them so he's finding out the price of a switch & also an entire new switch board complete with circuit breakers for every single circuit. I think I'm looking at $1000+ for the new switch board so I'm screwed.
Sonaeya is fighting her sleep & we've just managed to finally get her to bed at 10:40PM! It's a Saturday so I'm not too fussed but she's a 2yo girl for goodness sake - 10:40pm is ludicrous.

Koby has only been awake since about 9pm. After putting Sonaeya down for her nap earlier around 3pm, Steven & I decided to grab a power nap. We awoke when Sonaeya did (Koby played quietly in the lounge) to find that Koby had fallen asleep on the chair. He was asleep for 5 hours & is currently watching t.v. with his daddy on the lounge.
It's going to be an absolute mad house this coming week as the skip arrives on Thursday, I have to arrange for people to help me remove my old wooden 'carport' on friday as well as have the electrician remove the outside light & then have the new carport installed on the Saturday morning ready for Kobys party the following weekend.
I STILL haven't done a dummy run of his Spiderman cake yet.
Anybody say 'Crazy Lady'

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