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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Birthday FUN!

So the skips gone, the roller door isn't up, I'm still missing salad stuff, drinks & more for Koby's party, the bbq gas bottle is running outta gas and needs to be re-filled & there were no jobs AGAIN today on the job sites.
Did I mention that I HATE my cleaning job?

I ironed all my clients work shirts even with the power having to be turned on & off whilst the carport lights were being installed but the new wire won't fit down the door frame lol.

Have to get a hole drilled through my wall WWWWWWWAAAAAA!
As long as they're up by Saturday that's fine.
I have the decorating to do straight after work on Saturday morning before everybody arrives.
Steven has to work Saturday morning as another worker is off to a wedding. Because of this Steven gets the day off tomorrow.
Turns out my sister is showing up from Qld too - she is coming over to apologise to Koby for her behaviour when we flew over there to visit & she literally kicked us out onto her driveway.
Long story but I'm STILL furious about it.
Koby turns 5 tomorrow, my little baby that was born with browny orange hair about an inch long & sticking out all over the place here:

Now he's all grown up. If I talk anymore I'm likely to start crying so that's probably it until after his party on Saturday & all the pics I'll have hehehe.

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