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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crazy Days - ROLLER DOOR!

Well FINALLY our roller door is up.
Saturday at 8pm it was SUPPOSED to be started but the installer didn't call until 12:30PM to tell me he wasn't coming GGGGGGGGRRRRRRR I was furious!
He then arranged for the following day - Sunday - to be there at 9am & AGAIN didn't turn up this time until 12:30pm & hubby & I were both working so had arranged the in-laws to come around to babysit - turns out they didn't even need too!

AAAAAAANYWAAAAAY heres the before, during & after pics plus some stupid ones for good measure!

Steven grinding the welds off the gate posts - we did that a few weeks before so people couldn't lift the gates off to remove them - oooooppps!

Steven grinding off the post using his safety equipment.......

The front fascia bit before the door installation

And again hehehe

All done with the door. YEAAAAAAAAY!

Superman helping remove the gate posts:

Superman fell off his truck - CALL THE AMBULANCE!

Welders Bum hehehe sorry hunny!

Sumo Sonaeya with our mate - she's a funny little bugger!

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