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Monday, November 24, 2008

Meet Our Newest Family Member......

So we have a new addition to our family! Wanna see? We decided that after having the new carport installed & the roller door put up, there was something missing.
So here it is.........

Yes it's a drinks bar....
I'm weird I know but we felt we needed a drinks bar to 'complete' the look of the new carport so I set about looking to buy one.
After looking around a few pine shops furniture stores, I admitted defeat as at $1400 there was no WAY EVER we were going to get a bar.

That was until I remembered a few websites I'm a member of where you can sell or give away items to other members OR request an item you're looking for.
A WONDERFUL lady names Shay (hi Shay) offered me her bar that they rarely used so, after driving there to get it, I set about with ideas to spruce it up.
First thing was to strip off the brown paint, cream paint & original white paint to expose the gorgeous wood underneath.
This is what it looked like after 1-2 coats of paint stripper:

I kept going until I FINALLY got it to look like this:

I've been paint stripping and sanding for a few days now & have put the 3rd coat of stain and varnish on tonight. I've cut out some wooden panels to go in the front of the bar there that I think I'll cover with some Chenille fabric later.

Can't wait to get it finished as Steven has all his trucky mates coming over this Saturday.

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