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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pics From Kobys Party.

The presents were put on a table, I turned around and POOOOF! They were gone.
As quick as a kid gave him a present, it was opened & gone before I could even blink.

I have no idea what he received from others for his birthday as all I saw was the empty wrapping paper as I put it into a garbage bag.
Well I made a giant marble cake in a roasting tin & froze it. I decorated it to look like Spiderman BUT when it froze it raised at one edge. As I iced it and came to take it out of the fridge the next day, it had split in two hence the shocking picture. It looked so good before the cracks appeared too!
Enough yapping from me - here's the pics!

I saved you some crumbs.... SEE?

Spiderman, what's that in your web?

Trying to blow out a sparkler - don't ask.

The cake including the giant split/crack across his face

Huh? What's this?

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