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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where To Start?

So, Sonaeya has starting tantruming about daddy not being home when she wakes up. Take today for example, I had to sit through 1.5 HOURS of her screaming, headbutting, throwing, jumping, smacking & generally being a ferel all because I tol dher off for squirting daddys bottle of shampoo & conditioner all over herself & my bed, I mean, daddy was just going to make it all better & tell her it was ok if I rang him for her?
So, after stripping AAAALLLLLL the sheets off the bed & putting them in the wash, I realised her FAVOURITE blanket & dolly were also covered in the gunk.

Off to the washing machine they went. I was followed by Sonaeya whom went apes**t when she saw me putting them into the washing machine!
She squeeled as loud as possible & kicked her feet at everything. She worked herself up SO much that her beautiful little face swelled up & made her look like a little puffer fish!
She's very tired atm but can't sleep yet as she has to come with me in 30minutes to pick up her brother from kindy.

I'm now behind in my washing (oh the joys) due to all the extra sheets & it's stinking hot.
OH! That reminds me - I have to go & water my seedlings.

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