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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ALMOST Christmas!!!!

I've bought all the presents & topped up on 3 grocery items.
The shops are NUTS as usual, Sonaeya peed in my bed this morning so now I have a mountain of bed sheets to wash, I managed to do a little bit of sewing today, it's Stevens sisters Birthday today so we're going over at 6pm for dinner, I've ironed all my clients ironing last night until 11:30pm, it's the kids childcare centres Christmas party tonight but we can't go because of said Birthday, Koby has just STUFFED his face with food, I have Ebay stuff to leave feedback for & somehow get a rest in between as my eyes are refusing to stay open, my dress arrived from Ebay today but is too small & shows my sticky out hip so I'm not wearing it EVER, I have the Alicia Keys concert on Thursday night & can't find anyone to braid my hair, I've just found out that someone is being a backstabbing b**** & it's annoying me that they deny it, Steven will be home shortly & I'm FED UP!

That's my blog for today....

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