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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day Off? Yea, SURE!

So FOUR times I tried to wake up and take the kids to childcare this morning but I kept falling asleep again.
I have REALLY high iron level sin my blood so I get tired often & quickly - not good as a mother of two working two jobs but hey - I'll live.

I EVENTUALLY get my fat a** outta bed and head over to childcare, drop of the kiddies & go home.
I receive a parcel, then had a friend pop around for a favour & then the blind lady come to measure up the carport for a blind (at $600+ it's SOOOOOO not gonna happen) then I went to said friends house to help her with some craft things ready for her stall on Saturday.
I went to pick Koby up from Kindy & headed BACK to said friends house again to help some more by doing the little things. I cut out, hole punched & tied ribbons into tags so they could be attached to her items for sale & took the rest home to do later.

Then Steven picked up some things from a shop for Kobys Christmas presents & he went to my friends place to install her stereo in the car & came home to find me doing MORE tags.
I found MORE parcels just dumped on my doorstep when I returned home so I rang the Post Office to complain whilst ironing a clients 15 shirts that she was due to pick up in 2 hours time.
Upon finishing that my dad came around to borrow a staple gun, I caught up on unread email & continued with the tags.
Tomorrow I have BOTH kids all day (waaaaaa) so once Koby has finished kindy at 12pm I'll be taking them to said friends house again to help out some more.

If you're interested in nappy cakes, tutu's, little newborn grow suits & matching skirts & girly hair clips plus LOADS more - head on over to her website at everything is just SO cute & I'm getting a red tutu for Sonaeya to wear at Christmas :-)

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