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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Little Kindy Boy.....No More..........

My little baby boy graduated kindy today with the best marks he could get. I'm SO proud of him but I'm so sad that he's not my little snugly boy anymore.
He used to look like this:

He had long spiky orangy brown hair when he was born & LOVED cuddles.

Then he looked like this:

He only got cuter from there:

He hit his 4th birthday & that's when it all started:

Now, as of today, I have a proper little man...... I don't like it:

I want my little boy that cooed & gooed at me, who learn to say 'car' as his first word & would wait by the window for his daddy to come home.
I want this strange kid that turns his attitude on me, to go away & bring my baby boy back.
I miss my little snuggles & watching him sleep in my arms.
I'm going to be a hopeless mess when school starts in a few months.

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