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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas & New Years

So with Christmas day spent driving to the inlaws house, my dads place, then to a BIG family gathering & from there onto a friends place until 2am boxing day - we've been tired ever since!

We then had new years (next door cracked a wobbly about the music which was on low anyway. She threatened to call the cops so I told her I won't say it but you get the idea & threatened to call the council about her illegal fence instead. She shut up & walked inside after that).
We went to bed at 4am then up at 8am ready to drive 1.5 hours to Christies Beach to see my best friend & let the kids have a play in the water. I buried Sonaeya lol!

The kids were exhausted from all that but had to get up early the next day for childcare so I could go to work!
I went to work this morning & they slept in until 9am. ASA I returned home from work it was off for an hours drive to Blanchetown to have dinner with his parents who'd taken the caravan away for a few days. We were told to meet at the river and it was crazy! Boats, jetski's, rubber doughnuts & all sorts of water crafts were there!
Steven & I had a ride in a speed boat (AWESOME FUN!) then let the kids paddle around & get hit by the waves as the boats went past - Sonaeya thought that was so funny!
Later we managed to borrow a life vest for Koby in order to take him out on a boat & oh boy did he love THAT! We were doing doughnuts in the water & the boat was tipping right on it's side - he was squeeling with excitement & wanted to stay on & go again bless him :-)

I drove us home & the kids fell asleep - we just got home half an hour ago & are all exhausted. It's been a crazy few weeks here but back to regular routine for us - I can't handle all this excitement lol - I'm so tired!

Sonaeya at Christmas looking pretty!

Koby with his new Spiderman web squirter. (blue silly string in a can)

Sonaeya buried at the beach by mummy hehehe

Steven & I at a friends birthday in October I think.....

Mummy on New Years day about 1am or so....

How have you all spent your Christmas/New Years breaks?

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