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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Coleman & Dante RIP

I follow another members blog on here & she inturn follows carepages of 2 young boys battling brain cancer.
Both Coleman & Dante became angels yesterday after many years of fighting cancer and staying positive.
There is nothing more I can say except RIP little angels.
Here is the cut and pasta from their CarePages in regards to their passings.
Such beautiful, beautiful boys. My thoughts are with their family.

Dante earned his wings at 8:33 am this morning. More to Follow.

Today the world may have cried a river of tears for a little boy’s life that ended way too soon, but we believe Heaven is REJOYCING over Coleman’s job well done.

Coleman was an amazing child of God and we were so honored to be chosen as his parents.

He left this world at 10:45 last night- he fought HARD until the very end, not wanting to give up, but finally letting go. He was a warrior and a hero our hearts will forever miss. We had the most glorious five years together- a gift we will never forget.

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