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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Results Are In......

Our 3rd set of tiny feet is due end of September beginning of October!

My HCG score was 411 & they think I'm around 4-6 weeks. It's 4 weeks AFA I'm concerned.
We're VERY excited & will go through our old baby clothes later to see if we need anything.
We bought a bassinet for $50 and it's beautiful too!
That's all from us but I'll keep you posted!


Shay said...

I've been feeling a little bit like a stalker waiting for this latest post of yours. That's wonderful news Jemma!

Congrats to you and hubby!

From Shay (the bar lady)

Mum - Mainly Upbringing Monsters said...

I've just realised that I'll have to change my blog description at the top too lol. I honestly never thought people read my blog. I try to update as much as I can but lately it's been every 4-6 days lol!
Thankyou - we're VERY excited!