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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

That Feeling.....

You know when the day's been great & you get home to try & watch T.V. or do SOMETHING just to try & wind down & relax?
Then you get a strange feeling that somethings not right?
That was me yesterday. I was lying on the lounge & thought 'Gee I feel really 'off' right now'
Didn't get any better so I decided to camp in the lounge room on a towel with a bucket.
By 11:30pm - too late. Off I ran to the toilet.
I've not slept all night & am still feeling very ill today. Have taken an anti vomit pill just so I can keep water down.
I'm SUPPOSED to be going out for someones birthday dinner tonight - not likely now.

I've got Sonaeya in childcare all day today so I can catch up on lack of sleep & have noticed a red rash all over my stomach. Great.
To top it off it's 44 degrees Celsius here today so the air con is on full whack.

I think I'm just going to lay down and rest for today. No housework what so ever.
I'll probably be stressing out about it NOT getting done though lol.

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