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Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Alive.....Just.....

So I AM still alive - just - still struggling since leaving the hospital last week or so.

Had to sleep in the lounge sat upright last night as I was in agony.
Funny thing is I've actually pulled a muscle in my back at the bottom of my ribs - again most likely from coughing!

The doc is not happy with my lack of healing so has given me this week off work too so I have the day to myself today to rest & cuddle heat packs to my boobies hehehe.
I've torn the chest muscles either side RIIIIIIGHT under my boobs so laying down, driving my car, raising my arms or holding things is not even an option for me right now.
To top it off I'm getting abused at work by my supervisor & in particular my boss whom will not put me on light duties as per Workplace Relations law for pregnant workers.
He also believes he can FORCE me to take my remaining 5 weeks annual leave also which again, he can't as I plan to take it when I leave work to have bubs.
I've looked into everything & he is in the wrong so we'll see how far the claim goes with the Workplace Ombudsmen shall we!

On the bright side I'm 10weeks pregnant now & have a scan on March 12th for Downs Syndrome but I just want to see the baby as does daddy & Koby.
We've given Koby the morning off school to come with us so he can see the baby 'on the T.V.' as he calls it - CUTE!
I'm hoping they can give him a picture to take home as he's a VERY excited big brother. Although Sonaeya is his sister, he was too young to understand about me being pregnant back then but I am now the proud owner mother of a very clever 5yo who wants to know EVERYTHING!

I'm feeling like a blimp today - no particular reason I don't think.
OH! By the way a HUGE congratulations to a friend of mine (no names) whom is expecting her second child 2 weeks before myself. She only told me last night so as not to upset me weeks ago when we weren't sure what was happening with our little bundle.
She's my age & lets just say she's been through a LOT to get here so I'm ecstatic.
I received her message last night & rang her quick as a flash but all I could say was 'WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!' like a complete idiot hahaha.
Yeay for both of us & have a great day all!

Below is my belly pic from last night (10 weeks)

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