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Saturday, February 21, 2009

It DID Get Worse.....

I felt a 'pop' after doing my hair for my birthday dinner & was struggling to cough & breathe all night.
Had a great night at got home round 10pm & then the other side of my ribs went.
I ended up in the E.D. from 11pm - 6am & was sent home with Panadeine Forte.

I'm struggling to walk & breathe so couldn't go into work today.
I took a medical certificate home & messaged my supervisor around 7am in order to find a replacement.
I've been struggling for 2 weeks sick but didn't take time off as the other cleaner has taken a months holidays.
Anyway my supervisor rings up at 9:30am going ballistic about me sending a message rather than calling. I explained that I couldn't call due to the Lady next to me in the other room having a pacemaker.
He didn't care, went ballistic & said to me 'well maybe you should look for another job then'
Basically they want me out.
Fuck em I'm afraid. I have a valid medical reason ffs! I'm on medication that causes drowsiness & it's agony for me to steer my car let alone drive myself to work.
He knows that I've ALWAYS rang him & then my boss if he was unavailable AND left a voicemail & the one time I can't I get screamed at!

I brought up safety issues of my own there as well as staff issues (i.e. them being total PIGS) & nothing was said - surprise surprise.

Steven dad may have a disease from working at the piggery but they can treat it with antibiotics hopefully. Just waiting on the blood results again now.

I can't sit here anymore it's killing me. Might get a drink & try & sleep - am banished to the lounge as I have to sleep upright - it's complete agony to lie down. Oh the fun of a birthday dinner.

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