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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So Much Too Write About. This Is LONG!

Oh where do I START?
uuuummmm..... OK lets go to last Tuesday shall we?
My car had a flat tyre when hubby reversed out the cars at 5:30am before work so it had to be changed. Went to my midwife appointment, say an old work mate of Stevens & then off to pick up Koby from school & finish off the ironing for a client.
Re-arranged my lounge room, forgot a clients shirt that was hanging up in my kitchen & had a sore throat.

Fast forward to THIS Tuesday (Feb 17th) & I've been on anti-biotics for a WEEK for a chest, throat & gland infection & a voice box something-or-other. I sound like a man - seriously it's THAT bad. GREAT!

The SAME TYRE on my car was flat AGAIN so I had to load it in the car to be repaired & receive a call whilst driving the kids to school & childcare saying my FIL had collapsed un-conscious at work & was being rushed to hospital!

I picked hubby up & went straight over there. They THINK he'd had a mini stroke, then they wouldn't admit him as he wasn't a private patient, then they wouldn't transfer him to a public hospital without a local doctors authority for the hospital to pay for it, so WE had to drive him there ourselves in a car & he almost passed out AGAIN - OOOOOOOOH it gets better yet!

I turn my phone on outside the hospital to ring a friend & see if she can pick up my daughter from daycare when she gets her son - my phone is asking for a PIN number.
I head to the shopping centre to a phone store & get stuck on the phone to the Optus call centre who gave me every code under the sun. Turns out my SIM card just completely sh** itself so I had to buy a new one & wait for the contacts to download onto it. I had no phone numbers to ring anyone on for help!

We transferred him to the hospital & went home to get the kids from school & childcare. Ordered Chinese for dinner & just waited by the phone.
I missed work so we're low on cash this week & wondering if I'll have enough to pay for my birthday dinner on Friday - GREEEEEEAT!

To top it off my tyre is apparently illegal to fix due to a tiny teeny weeny little hole in the wall of the tyre which is illegal to be fixed & they're BRAND NEW TYRES! As you don't get warranty on tyres, I'll have to buy a new one.
I'm STILL sick & can't stop coughing fits to the point I almost throw up & keep peeing myself - how embarrassing is THAT!
Sonaeya has been crying & whinging ALL day & seems very clingy today. She won't sleep either & I've noticed yellow gunk in her eyes - FANTASTIC - looks like conjunctivitis to me which means childcare won't accept her there on Friday for me to go to work as it's contagious.

Can my week get ANY worse? I guess I'll have to wait & see.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't your partner have the day off instead on Friday to look after your child?

Mum - Mainly Upbringing Monsters said...

He's a truck driver and has only been working there since the end of August 2008.
He can't really have the time off unless pre-approved as he takes up all the slack & completes all the other runs that the semi's & B-doubles don't need to do.
He gets paid more too so it works out better for him to work than me.

HOPEFULLY they'll accept her as she didn't have gunky eyes today just red.