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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where Did The Day Go?

So Steven had the day off yesterday (Tuesday) as he'd worked Monday to Monday.
I got the kids ready for childcare/school & he comes inside informing me 'You have a flat tyre' GREAT!
So we BOTH head out there, he un-does the tyre whilst I get out the jack & raise the car. Once off I look at the tyre & find 2 pieces of glass in it - GREAT!
So spare tyre on, tyre for repair thrown in boot & we head off on our kids run.
Kids dropped off we head straight out to my first midwife appointment for tiny feet number 3. I forgot about AAAAAALLLLL the paperwork on the first visit - UGH!
I get the honour of being stabbed AGAIN in a few weeks time but I also get our first 'bean' picture of baby 3 - YEAY!
Got my goody bag of baby stuff & we head off for the groceries.

Groceries almost done & drive to another shop closer to home. Drop in the tyre for repair, finish groceries, bump into Stevens nanna whilst at the coffee shop.
Head back to the car (after winning a shopping bacg full of miniature chocies from the skill tester machin - I can't help myself) & pick up the tyre - I got it repaired for free how great of Kmart tyre & auto!
Head home, scan the groceries in (I scan them in & get points with a survey site that I can exchange for allsorts of stuff) & change the tyre back to the good one just repaired.

Head out to a lunch date with one of Stevens old workmates from the farm.

Panic when we realise it's 2:45pm & Koby will be finishing school at 3:10pm so shoot off to pick him up.
Get home, finish a clients ironing from the night before & decide to re-arrange & strip clean the lounge room (like I wasn't tired enough)
Lounge looks awesome, client arrives for ironing & I realise later I undercharged by half an hour GREAT & then find a stray client shirt in my kitchen gggggrrrrr.
It's 8:30pm by this point & I still haven't done dinner.
I make sandwiches & the kids do their teeth & go to bed.

I clean the kitchen, do some dishes & put a load of washing on.
I head of to bed. Where the hell did my day go?

Here's a pic of what, you know, everyone who's 'normal' would find stuck to their wall after re-arranging all of their furniture.

I have no idea how long it's been there either:

Yes it's a piece of cherry ripe! How did it get there? Likely the kids. WHY is it stuck there? Again, likely the kids. No my kids don't like cherry ripes either!

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