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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Here We Go Again.

So I now have to wait for a Workplace Ombudsmen mediator to be appointed before my employer will discuss light duties again. Grrrrrr.
I HAVE to turn up to work this Friday for my regular 5 hour shift & do NOTHING as he hasn't allocated me any duties.
This 'doing nothing' will continue for SEVENTEEN hours for the next few weeks until the mediator arrives. I may ring tomorrow to chivvy it up but in the meantime I will be buying lots of trashy mags & puzzle books to entertain me.

So 11 weeks on, work problems starting to really stress me out (I'm trying to stay calm for this little one inside) I'm worried about the X ray they did on my chest a few weeks ago even though I was wearing a lead jacket around my precious bundle.

Well, I cleaned at the Mallala house today & although slow, I managed OK. Quite sore on the left side from pulling the vacuum but all was well.
Rushed to the rego place to register both our cars due this week (typical) & also the trailer that ran out 2 weeks ago.
Struggled to even GET to work today as, after months of no rain - it BUCKETED down to the point I could almost see nothing & contemplated pulling over on a few occasions. Add to that, I had an IDIOT female driver sitting RIGHT up my arse the entire length of the 10minute drive on Malalla road, as instead of doing the 110kph limit I decided 80kph was safer due to the weather conditions & the fact the car kept aquaplaning on the water as there was so much.

As I returned home & got out of my car to walk towards the mailbox I suddenly started to cough. SNAP I felt something grind & snap causing me to double over.
I think I either did a rib this time or the muscle AGAIN.
Went to the doctors & they refused an x-ray (good)& said that being pregnant, all they could do regardless of the result is offer Panadeine Forte.

On a happier note, my beautiful, brave, brave, brave, little princess saw the ENT specialist today about the compacted earwax in her ears.
It had to be manually removed rather than drops as she's had burst ear drums before & if still perforated, the drops could cause infection.
She sat on my lap with her head turned (after asking for a kiss from mummy *GUSH*) & without even FLINCHING allowed a total stranger to stick a metal rod in her ears & remove the wax.
At the last bit she did burst into tears bless her little heart but she was SO good I am SO SO proud of her I really thought things would be a lot worse & she was amazing.
It helped that they had a GIANT teddy bear that also became a patient & a big plastic tub full of jelly beans. She was rewarded with 2, 1 for each ear.
Hopefully now her hearing will improve & her eardrums are perfect under all that muck.
Wow - this is long, I'm off to rest - might be sleeping sitting up in the lounge yet again but we'll see how lying down goes.

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