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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meltdown Central!

Going around a shopping centre, sweet angel child Sonaeya doing EVERYTHING she's been asked (I know none of you believe me but it's TRUE) so I KNEW I was headed for trouble at some point during the day.
Nope. Good as gold which left me thinking WTF!

Then hubby tells me he's got Thursday off as he has to work Sunday instead.
Awesome! I need a tyre repaired (so we discovered this morning mind you) wood to buy to make a frame for the shed base concrete work, brackets or even tent pegs would do the trick.

Well Sonaeya had maybe 10minutes snooze on the floor before waking up & refusing to lay down & sleep. Jekyll & Hyde eat your heart out!
Tired, cranky, moody, kicking, screaming, squealing, slapping, throwing, yelling...... Shall I keep the list going there or do you get the picture?

Finally she goes off to sleep last night - YEEEEESSS we're both thinking.
SOMEONE will be sleeping in late this morning to make up for her missing nap time yesterday - FAT CHANCE!
7:15am she's up & at it & by 12pm she's FERREL. Like out of this world, temper you couldn't even imagine in a movie, horror, wretched, mean & FERREL is miss Sonaeya.
Take her out of the car STILL kicking & screaming & let her go in Kobys bed to watch a DVD whilst we head out the back to work on the shed base frame for the concrete next weekend (I HOPE!) I sneak back inside AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNDD.............

HEAVEN! She's sleeping peacefully with blanky s off daddy goes to his meeting at work.
Then it hits me.
She'll be at sleep for at LEAST 1.5 - 3 hours. I have to pick up Koby in an hour. There's is no way in HELL I am waking her up! Either daddy leaves his meeting early, grandad pops round whilst I get Koby OR mummy is hiding in grandads suitcase tonight when he leaves for Queensland.
I, personally like the third option myself - I could really use a break right now!

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