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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wow So Much Stuff!

Again where to begin?
Uuuuumm........ well the shed I bought will HOPEFULLY be up in a few weeks. Just have to finish the digging of the base & organising the concrete.
Once all that's done I can fill it with house furniture etc & moved the kids into the spare room instead as it's bigger. Then I'll have the baby room back - YEAY!

Steven & I went away for 2 nights to the Barossa for our wedding anniversary.
He actually had no idea & thought we were just going late night shopping!
It was SO beautiful & un-be-liev-ably quiet.
The views were spectacular - being able to see for miles wouldn't even begin to describe how far we could see.
The place we stayed at was called the Blickinstal & was hosted by Sue & Mark & their 2 dogs. Max the little maltest was SO cute & seemed to like sitting & laying outside of our apartment doors.

Whilst away & on our actual wedding anniversary on Friday, we received a phone called about my urine results & it's not good news.
It turns out I have multiple infections of the bladder that needs urgent anti biotic treatment. If I experience back pain & or aching kidneys it means it's spread & if it hits my kidneys, can kill the baby.
I WAS experiencing kidney pains last week in my back & am STILL waiting on the prescription for my anti-biotics.
Am wondering if I should visit the hospital tomorrow to be checked out, but i'd like to get contact with one of the community midwives to be able to discuss my concerns but I haven't received a phone call in return.
I've never had any problems with the other 2 kids so am very unsure of what to expect from here.
I will keep you informed of how things go with it though :-)

I've bought Sonaeya a booster seat now. It's bright pink & Dora so she is currently outside with daddy sitting in the car refusing to get out of it. She loves it to bits & all THREE seats will fit perfectly in the car - PHEW!

I do have photos of the trip away & the beautiful views atc but the camera battery is flat & I'm feeling a bit shitty tonight.
I will post them ASAP.

Oh and a few hours after returning from our holiday I was due to go on a girls night out.
I left with a friend at about 2am but it was a FANTASTIC night out.
I've had a thumping headache since last night tdue to how LOUD the music was even to us youngens!
The female band singer was so badly off key I was cringing but watching the drunk people dance - that was the most fun EVER!
The was a chicken dancing lady, a guy who looked like he was piddling, a headbanger & I'm not kidding you, a girl who was SSSSSSOOOOOOO drunk she was flicking & punching her hands out either side of her & scrunching her face up & winking among MANY other things.
It HONESTLY looked like she was having epileptic fits on the dance floor - I was bent over in tears from laughing so hard. I could hardly breathe it was so funny.
Especially when she just bolted all of a sudden from the dance floor mid dance!

I'm quite tired & am going to try & call a midwife again to find out what to do.
Goodnight all!

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