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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Did I Ever Tell You.........

That I'm allergic to mosquito bites?
Are you SURE I didn't tell you?
Well, I am & when Stevens alarm went off at 5am for work this morning HEARD one buzz past my EAR!
I turned the light on to find it & kill it but it'd gone.
I just KNEW I was gonna be bitten by the damn thing & when I woke up 1.5 hours later......

This is what I woke up with on my forehead!
Well it was a lot smaller than that at first but a few hours later that's what it looked like.
You don't even want to go there as to what it looks like now.
All I can say is OOOOOOOOOOOW & I can't take any anti-histamines as I'm pregnant so I have to wait for it to drain down my bloody face as usual!

To top it off I think the water pump has gone on my air conditioner - the evaporative one - there's lots of $$$$ walking out the door tomorrow.

By the way I've arranged for the concrete truck to come on Saturday morning so fingers crossed it all turns out great for the shed base!

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