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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We got a kitten that was being given away at a garage sale would you believe.
I've got to ring up & find out what injections it needs & the cost etc but the kids have been good with it so far.

It's house trained & does it's business in the kitty litter (After I found it's 'business' in my giant tub of washing powder mind you)
Doesn't seem to want to get lost either as we've given it free range of the backyard and it's STILL here lol.
It's VERY friendly & doesn't seem to mind the kids at all. Me on the other hand - I can't STAND animal fur everywhere & I clean for a lady with a cat so I know what I'm talking about.
I don't know why but hair & fur gives me the JEEBIES!

On another note I'm now 16 weeks preggo but haven't felt much of any movements.
It worries me a bit but I have my 20week scan on May12th so I guess we'll see then.

Hubby's just come home from work early so the kids are outside playing with the kitten & he's off to pick up some blinds someone is giving away. I just hope I can get some to fit here somewhere.

The shed is HOPEFULLY being put up this weekend & I can start organising the kids new bedroom & the baby nursery FINALLY!

I'm knitting Sonaeya a blanket for her piggy that she has in a pram I bought her. Not bad for $3 from a garage sale considering they're $50 new. No kidding there either - $50 for a bloody kids pram - bugger that!

I'm off to have a warm shower - it's very cold here in Adelaide today.

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