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Thursday, April 30, 2009

So Where Do I Start?

So much to TELL you all!
Well we've FINALLY got the reno's done on the kids rooms BUT instead of putting them both in the other room we've put them in separate rooms.
Due to where the wardrobes are built in Kobys new room - we couldn't position 2 single beds in there without blocking the doors in some way so decided we'd keep them separate.
When we go for the 20weeks scan on May 12th & know the gender of THIS little bugger then it will go in the room with either it's sister or brother so someone will get a room all by themselves.

I wasn't sure about the paint job but now I LOVE it and it really feels like a kids room.
Koby thinks it's fantastic & Sonaeya loves having a 'big girl bed' although she did fall out of it in the early hours of the morning!
I don't know HOW I knew as I didn't hear any noise except her crying but I just KNEW she'd fallen out of bed.
Hubby went to go check on her and coulnd't find her - he came back in our room in hysterics as he said he couldn't find her until he saw 2 tiny little feet sticking out from under Sonaeyas toy pram. He's so cruel lol.

We're very excited about 'little bugger' and both Koby & Sonaeya felt it kick their hands yesterday. They gave the funniest surprised looks on their faces.
Of course Koby being 5 now asks 'How will they get it out mummy?'
I firstly said 'magic' as I didn't want to explain where babies come from to my 5yo boy but then in the back of the car yesterday he said this:
"Mummy. How do they get babies out?"
"Oh well don't worry mummy will get it out you just come see me at the hospital and you can have a cuddle and a kiss with your new brother or sister."
"But IIIIIII know mum you'll squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and go UGH AAAAAGH mummy won't you?"
"Um yea sort of Koby but don't you worry about that it's my job"

Charming 5yo huh? Typical of most though I suspect.

Todays job is to install a shelf in Koby wardrobe as my dad installed a rail yesterday for clothes but had to leave for a pool match.
I'm excited about getting this place sorted and making some more room around here - It's always so cluttered around here!
Well I've got work to do whilst I can now that my babysitter hubby is home but I'll leave you woth pics of the renos & also some pics at the end of what daddy spends his days off with his little girl doing. SO not manly!

This is what was under the GROSS wood stuff in the corners of the roof:

This is the cornice we put up:

The final look of Kobys new room - the paint!:

Kobys new look room:

Sonaeya 1st BIG BED!:

Finally - what daddy does on his day off with his princess:

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Chiara said...

Cute bedroom!
And yeah, kids will figure it out I think. I figured it out for myself at about age 5. 'Magic' doesn't work as an answer to them!