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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's a................

BOY! A little tiny BOY!
Thank goodness I mean don't ge tme wrong, a healthy child is ALWAYS wanted but we really wanted another boy - my little 'princess' is SUCH a handful in comparison to our son & he slept better too.

Among other things, my home phone line is STILL screwed after 6 weeks and they're sent out SEVEN yes you read it right S.E.V.E.N. technicians now who've 'fixed' it but who haven't really fixed anything.
APPARENTLY they're supposed to be having my cables replaced but we'll see.

On another note Boral have decided that as of 6am everyday this week they'll be ripping up our ENTIRE road & resurfacing it which means 25kms speed limit & blocked driveways - great :-(
Just a faster road for them to speed on as usual.

I've been bidding on LOADS of boys little outfits from Ebay - just all in one suits etc. So CHEAP too unlike the Elmo suit I bought at Target last week - OMG - $23 yes I can't believe ACTUALLY paid that but my god was it adorable - coming to a baby near you soon (well in September anyway)

I have about $700-800 of bills on my fridge including 2 rego renewals for our cars, a water bill, council rates oh & the $100 I owe on Kobys school fees - excuse me whilst I pull money outta my ass........ ;-#

Work stuffed me around this morning AGAIN - lucky I rang the client before leaving just to double check. Apparently HE thought I was coming around on Thursday at 1pm - that was news to me. Needless to say work denied it so it stuffed up my day!
The rest of the day I spent ironing the other clients shirts ready for pick up earlier tonight & washing the bedsheets & clothes.
I've FINALLY had a shower & have had it for one day - I'm off to bed.

No guesses as to the weight of baby yet? Come on have a guess!

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