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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Just wanted to say a BIG thankyou to Shay, (I received a small outside wooden drinks bar from her for my hubby last year) writer of This Little Starfish blog, for the beautiful handmade bibs she made for my boxing boy due in September!
They are stunning & DEFINATELY will be needed if this boy is anything like my 1st messy bugga.
Thanks for following my blog too Shay.

This has to be quick as I'm late for work (again) but it's CRAZY here & my stress levels are sky high.
My home phone line has been AWFUL since April & TEN yes that's right TEN technicians have been out.
They eventually put in a temporary line & even that didn't work so the techs had to 'fix' that too.
I'm STILL WAITING OPTUS for the original phone cables to be fixed but a Telstra technician said they 'Won't replace that just for one customer' of yes they bloody will thankyou.
Also, my entire street has been dug up & a new road layed (well the first layer anyway) & we're STILL waiting for them to finish it but when we left to get some groceries last night, even though it had been raining earlier, we noticed water coming from under the road.
I rang the water company, they sent a crew out, cut off our entire streets water for 2 hours (no warning either) and dug up half of the new road to fix the leak.
Won't the workmen laying the road be happy when they finally come to finish laying the last layer hehehe.
Bugga. Must go I'm late but will try & update again in the next few days, still trying to get the house ready for this impending arrival - wish me luck :-)

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