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Monday, June 1, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho.....

It's off to work I go! Well that's after Koby has been woken, he gets dressed and watched "
just five minutes of cartoons mummy would ya!"
My other 'boy' has been awake since I woke up - it's like there's a soccer match on but I'm not invited nor a player - I'm the BALL!

Our new store opens this Friday & I have NO IDEA where I'm supposed to go for work.
I presume the warehouse for the first 1.5 hours as normal as it's not closing, but then where after that as the old store will be gone.
I'd PRESUME the new store buy when I messaged and asked I was told to stay put as the contract hasn't changed as yet and basically to shut up.
Charming I know but my 'boss' actually discusses the new cleaning schedule today with work & he will find out that the old warehouse ISN'T closing down like he thinks it is - OH to be a fly on the wall when he does find out.
He just presumed it was closing like the store hehehehe!

On a brighter note we had 2 lines of 3 numbers & a bonus ball on Saturday which is the minimum on a lottery ticket.
Usually that's about $13 but not many people won so when hubby returned with the winnings I almost fell off the computer chair!
each line of 3 numbers plus a bonus ball was $33.45 so we won $66.90.
How awesome is THAT!
Well I was on an online auction house site, not like Ebay like where you ACTUALLY go to the auction place and can bid or place a phone or Internet bid.
I was looking at 1 auction of ALSORTS of stuff & found a ring that was $20 so put a max bid of $40. Internet bids are first then all items are offered at a live auction later.
Well I received an email a few days ago that I'd WON the ring for $40 plus $5 charge - I was stoked and it's gorgeous.
I'll post a pic later when I get back from work.
I also have a pic of Koby to post from last night.
I did the usual check on the kids before going to bed myself & noticed that Koby had his hand down his sock that was still on his foot & he was ASLEEP like that!
Easier to understand from a picture though.
Aren't boys just WEIRD?

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