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Thursday, June 18, 2009


SORRY that I haven't posted in SO long but as most mothers out there would know, just because you're pregnant doesn't mean things suddenly slow down & get easier!

Where to begin......... well our 80cm analogue T.V. keeps turning people bright tomato RED in colour & then reverts back to normal picture.
As it still has until November before the 2 year warranty runs out, we decided to wait until AFTER tax time to upgrade the T.V.
That was until last night when I saw a Sanyo LCD advertised at Kmart for $729 instead of $1000 so with the $400 I was refunded from the analogue T.V. I only needed $300 something to get the LCD.
I've JUST finished setting it up actually, tuning in the channels, deleting ones that would never get used, creating a favourites list, hooking up the stereo & DVD player through it - all done thank goodness!

I have a baby shower to go to on Saturday night & then my OWN baby shower to sort out for July 4th. My friend is hosting it so I just need to know if I need to do anything.
We hired a skip this week & dumped a whole load of crap from the spare room & empty boxes etc.

I've set up the bassinette in our room & filled the shelf underneath with a pack of newborn nappies, blankets, clothes, wet wipes etc ready.
I've bought stacks of 2nd hand clothes from Ebay after realising & couldn't find ANY that I thought I had from when Koby was born!

My beautiful, gorgeous CLEVER little girl is pretty much completely potty trained during the day now, even takes herself to the TOILET instead of her potty.
I'm SO proud & that's one less child in nappies for me to have to worry about.

Koby is being taken by daddy to see the new Ben 10 movie on Saturday morning but all he knows is that he's watching 'A' movie but not which one. He's going to be SO excited when he finds out and the tickets are only $6.50!

I STILL have no idea what is going on with my job, I've emailed to find out what's going on with the contract but have so far heard nothing. I'm either home again with pay this weekend or back to sitting in a lunch room at work.

Koby has been hit by another child at school in his 'bits' as he put it so I have to get onto the school in regards to that as well today.
It never ends does it lol!

Had a check-up yesterday for baby & ALL is good - he even kicked the heart monitor off my stomach which gave the midwife a surprise - I TOLD her not to put it in a certain spot but she did it anyway haha.

Um...... what else? Sonaeya is as cheeky as EVER & informed me (after telling her we had to get groceries) that daddy 'Is gon get me babbuls mummy. Yep, he IS' which brought raised eye brows from both of us. She is OBSESSED with bubbles & has taken it upon herself to inform everyone that whenever she goes out to the shops, we're automatically going to buy her bubbles lol - cheeky bugga.

Koby's attitude has improved lately which is a good sign - think he's figured out that I won't stand him speaking to me like that.
Shame THAT theory won't work when he's a teenager *insert rolling eyes here*

Ohhh I hear the toilet flushing - think my clever princess just....... lol she's just run into the room screaming 'I DONE WEES MUMMY I DONE WEEEEEEEEES!' Clever girl just so Clever I tell you lol.

I've been flat out for the past few hours with school drop offs, T.V. returns & pick ups & car springs to swap for the in-laws.
Then after getting home it's taken me all this time to move the old T.V. to put the new one in & set that up.
I'm not moving the old one back to our bedroom either as I'm stuffed. It's not exactly light even for a 51cm analogue.
It wasn't until AFTER I'd placed the new LCD in, that towards the back of the book it
mentioned the T.V. was 23kg - WOW!

I'm going to try & ring the store to see if THEY can tell me what decision they've made in regards to the contract and then maybe make some more of my famous kids character cushions. have an Elmo one that's almost finished & a Superman one that Koby asked me for ages ago.
Other than that I might have a hot drink & relax for a bit - I'm exhausted!
Thanks for reading my babble!

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