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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby Shower Pics & Miscalaneous Pics

As mentioned, I'm posting some pics of the baby shower & of miscalaneous kids & daddy shots.
Out of 27 invited guests, 6 cancelled on me on the day & the rest just didn't show up so I had the grand total of 6 arrive.
Just like Sonaeyas baby shower so I was not in the best of moods yesterday.
I spent an hour in my room bawling my eyes out wondering what is so wrong with me that people would do this so often. I have decided not to have ANY partys, bbqs, birthdays or any event at my house again as no one will show up.
ANYWAY here are the promised pics!

Sonaeyas food - just add a mini pie

Guess the chocolate from the smell

The cake my friend made - STUNNING!

The gorgeous gifts

My husband being his typical, gutterminded self!

Daddy & Sonaeya cuddles

Spaghetti Fun!

Daddy & Sonaeya T.V. sleeps

1 comment:

Sienna Starfish said...

Ok so people are just generally rude a-holes. Dont worry about them -it's their loss. I've met you , there isnt a thing wrong with you!

I hope you enjoyed the day with people who did turn up and obviously care about you. Good luck with baby no 3.