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Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm Pissed Off!

That's putting it lightly!
I'm SICK of organising birthdays or bbqs & people pull out at the last minute - even those people that ASKED me to organise it!
I'm SICK of having a broken phone line & Internet connection too now so I have to keep travelling to my dads house or a library just to pay my bills, check my emails, write my blog etc etc.
I'm SICK of finding things going wrong - we've just discovered a hole in the bricks at the top of the wall of the house & a huge split in the bricks that's allowing cold air and sunlight through - now I have to organise someone to come out & fix it.

I'm SICK of having to be the one to organise EVERYTHING - take the wardrobes for example - I'm the one who has to ring around for quotes, stay home until they arrive (never on time) visit the showrooms, work out who has the better product on offer, pick a company, pay a deposit & organise another day stuck at home for them to install (still waiting for them to call & arrange an install date by the way).
I'm SICK of taxiing the kids to school & getting up super early to do so, get the dishes washed, floors cleaned, laundry folded, wet beds changed in the middle of the night, stopping two kids from tearing each others eye balls out over who had a toy first, what DVD they want to watch.

I have a set of tiny feet CONSTANTLY stuck in my ribs or sticking out of my tummy as, you know, I just love being in pain, I have no idea how to design Sonaeyas birthday cake & her party's in a few weeks, I have the invites to finish & send out too but with my history of 'guests', they're all going to back out anyway at the last minute so there goes MORE money wasted on food, decorations & helium for the balloons.

The tax department wont tell me what my refund will be as it's processed tomorrow & 'could magically change amounts' or something to that affect.

I'm SICK of feeling like I'm the only one that is capable of doing EVERYTHING in this damn household & that everybody Else's arms & legs are completely broken.

I'm sick of helping others out all the time but they're no where to be found if & when I need help.

I'm pregnant & SUPPOSED to be on home rest & laying down due to my back getting worse & affecting my walking but I can't do that when I have to drive around to do basic things I should be able to do at home.

No one is telling me when my home phone line is getting fixed - 3 months later & STILL waiting - I have annual leave to organise for Steven for when baby 3 is born & for a 2 day weekend away in a spa cabin that we were given a voucher for for Christmas.
The voucher, party & robe installation are all for August & then baby 3 is due in September & I feel like screaming, punching walls, driving off in my car & not coming back & drinking myself into a stupor! (Of course I'd never do that with this little man inside to take care of)
I'm tired ALL the time now and after 2 hours (if I'm lucky) I start falling asleep!

Does anyone have a cure for me?
Pregnancy hormones SUCK!

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