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Friday, July 31, 2009

She Intends To Kill Me Today......

My physio that is!
Yup my usual physio has been rotated somewhere else within the hospital so I had a new physio for my last appointment.
Well she informed me that this weeks appointment would be 40minutes instead of 20minutes & that she would 'work on my hip muscle' basically there's a muscle at the top of your butt & they find it with their thumb & shove their thumb in as HARD as possible - no joke there's one spot EVERY time I've had it done that is EXCRUCIATING when they do it and sends me head first off the bed & into the wall.
THAT'S what I have to look forward to today followed by nice BIG black & blue bruising as usual - HHMMM.
Yesterday (I presume from where bubs was laying) I struggled to walk with my right leg & was almost dragging it behind me - it was SO embarrassing but I was in so much pain - better today though so he must have moved.
8 more weeks to go before we meet him & we're just about ready other than STILL waiting for the built in robes to be installed.
Finally get to put things away where they SHOULD be instead of in random spots around the house.
Koby is at school & Sonaeya at childcare so I get some recovery time from my physio (IF I make it out of there alive that is)

Lost my temper this morning too - I mean completely just FLIPPED over a plastic seat belt cover in my car that had fallen off AGAIN & that wouldn't go back on.
I smashed it against the inside of my car (didn't want to damage my purple sparkly paint now) & threw it over the top of my car & across the carport, slamming the back car door to boot.
Think it shocked the kids (they were strapped in the back seat) as they looked at each other, then at me & went very quiet. Mummy doesn't do things like that normally so I guess they were wondering what was going on.

I have 30minutes before my midwife appointment & then my physio straight afterwards.
I wonder if Steven will get home early enough from work to come with me. He's only made it to one appointment other than the medical questions one.
He made it to the ultrasound though - he loves those but SSSHHHH don't tell him I told you - he IS a 'man' after all!

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