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Saturday, July 4, 2009

So Much Going On Still!

So we hired a skip & dumped loads of stuff from around the backyard and carport ready for the baby shower today.
I've had 4 people cancel on me since last night & probably more yet knowing my luck - it's turning out just like my last one :-(

I spent a few hours cooking 2 dozen mini quiche from scratch so wasted my time there too!
I've taken up crochet for some strange reason BUT have made 2 beanies, a hat & am working on another beanie for baby at the moment.

Sonaeya keeps pooping in her knickers ever since a few weeks ago when she had a GIANT poop in the potty & was screaming & shaking from it. Poor little thing is terrified of number twos now.
Still trying to figure out my way around that.

Spotlight has a 20% off store wide sale so I went for a look & there in the remnant bin was LOADS of bright coloured cotton fabric that I could use for my cushion cover backs.
Instead of it being the $2 metre clearance price it was $1.60 metre so a HUGE enviro bag of fabric later I walked out only $30 out of pocket - VERY pleased with that little find.

I've had 4 people cancel on me for the baby shower today, a stack of people who haven't bothered to even reply & probably more to cancel yet.
I'm so close to cancelling the entire thing as this is what happenend with my last baby shower with Sonaeya.
What have I done wrong? Why do people ALWAYS do this to me & yet I still set myself up for disaster for another event?
I sometimes wonder why I bother & don't think I can cry anymore about it. It's just really got me down.

On the brighter side the house is completely stripped clean. DH & I have spent 2 days scrubbing, water spraying, mopping & vacuuming the place ready.
Not that there's really much point now.

I suppose I better start tidying up in the laundry so people can use the toilet in there. That's if anyone actually arrives this afternoon.

Anyone gets hungry then you're welcome to a few of the 2 dozen quiche I wasted my time making last night.
Sorry this is a crappy post but I'm really in a down mood from all the preparation I've done for nothing.

Will get back on here soon as I ahve a very cute picture of Sonaeya & daddy to show you.

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