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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stocking Up!

So we have about 100 packs of wet wipes, 10 bulk boxes of nappies not to mention the roughly 30 packets of nappies, lots of boys clothes from Ebay, bibs (thanks shay again), baby bath, change unit, breast feeding pillow BUT.............

No storage for it all!
I was JUST thinking a few days before our tax appointment was booked, that we didn't need to spend our tax money on anything like previous years (Qld holiday, kitchen re-vamp) but after doing the washing & going to put away the clothes, billions of toilet rolls 6 12packs of toilet paper in the hallway, stepping over the millionth box of nappies nappy boxes & knocking over a few hundred packets of wet wipes, that we NEEDED built in robes with doors that actually WORKED.
I decided to ring around there & then & had 2 companies come out to quote.
They both said they'd drop me off a quote in the letter box within a few days - a week later I'm STILL yet to see them. Not interested in their business if they're obviously not interested in mine!

Had 3 more companies come out & we've so far been swayed towards one with the wheels on the insides of the doors & that have a lifetime guarantee over the 7 or 10 year of the other companies. 2 more companies are quoting tomorrow though & we'll decide then.

We've started pulling out the old fittings from the wall in Sonaeyas room ready for the new ones (hubby thought a tennis ball sized hole in one wall would look attractive :-() so now I have to repair that before we decide & have some installed - gggrrrr.

Sonaeya is having an 'animal' themed birthday & I've been hunting down animal shaped cookie cutters. No one told me they don't sell them anywhere but some people DID tell me that play dough cutters come in animal shapes - woohoo - I got some today.

I'll post pics of what's left of the walls after ripping out the old fittings & one of Sonaeyas invite if I can.
Sleep for me.

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