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Monday, August 24, 2009

Just A Picture Post!

This is just going to be a post full of pictures from Sonaeyas birthday & a few from our weekend away at Port Vincent last weekend.
Sonaeya is home early from childcare (again) as they believe she vomitted twice yet AGAIN she's perfectly happy & no vomitting at home - GGGGGGRRRRRR.

Sonaeya with her pony & dvd from mummy & daddy:

Sonaeyas new fairy wings from mummy & daddy:

Her Cheesecake shop strawberry cheesecake with EXTRA strawberries!

The tiger cake I made for her party on Saturday:

My little 3yo at 8pm after her busy party day:

The kids LOVING having the beach 2 metres from our cabin verandah

My babies all sleepy on the drive home:

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