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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Baby Turned THREE Yesterday!

My little monster princess turned a big 3 yesterday & she couldn't stop smiling!
I don't think she actually realised what it meant until the afternoon when she kept yelling out it was "Sonaeyas berfday mummy!"

My little Pony toys & a Barbie car & dolls later - she was one content little bugger.

Mummy bought her a strawberry & chocolate cake from the cheesecake shop - DELICIOUS!
I'm making her a tiger cake for her birthday on Saturday but am still waiting on the food colourings to arrive from the cake shop grrrrrr.
I have biscuits to make & sandwiches among other things but I wouldn't get me started on the decorations - omg!
I have printed animal photo's for her that I'll stick up along with some paw prints down the driveway for the guests to follow (note to self - print off paw prints) & literally around 200 animal cardboard plates (slight oversight from a well intentioned best friend) so I'll be sticking those up as decoration also.
So much to do & remember. Only 2 more years of this for her then at 5yo's it's a few friends over - no giant parties - it kills me.

On another note - Steven & I went to Salisbury to get my car serviced so, whilst there, went into the vacuum shop as I really need a new vacuum.
After being shown the cheapest Wertheim model (my favourite vacuum) I guess though $850 is by no means cheap for a vacuum, I asked to be shown a different model that turns out was THE most expensive but OMG the THINGS it can do, the features, the 10 service guarantee - short of having a steering wheel this thing can do everything & is perfect for my back. Only thing is I was glad I was sat down when I found out the price!
Now, before I tell you, think of it this way.
My last vacuum cost us $400 & has lasted 3-4 years but parts are breaking off, the cord doesn't stay out, just reels back in & is ALWAYS getting blocked.
So, factor $400 x3 years means that after 9 years I'll have spent $1200 on vacuums!
WELL, this Wertheim model is.....................

wait for it...................

$1249 after trade in & another 10 years worth of bags supplied.
It's a ridiculous amount of money but it's guaranteed for 10years with a free service every year & has 5 years guarantee on the motors
a 12metre long cable
5 height adjustments on the power head for different carpet thicknesses
gets dust mites, their poop, ciggie smoke, dead skin ALSORTS outta your carpets AND mattresses
will cut out automatically if you suck up a sock or something
has a blow feature to get behind cabinets or ovens etc
has a green light to show you when the carpet is clean & red for dirty
everything just clips off, no more squeezing in silver knobs to undo hoses etc
no power head cable on the outside that constantly unplugs, all internal electrics
I can't even remember the rest but there is SO much t this vacuum - the guy even picked it up & THREW IT across the shop - I'm not joking you he THREW IT!
I almost had a heart attack & he just casually said "See? It won't break either as it's triple insulated with the stuff that bumper bars are made out of"

Being that I've been a pro cleaner for a few years now - I couldn't fault this model honestly.
Can't believe I'm in love with a vacuum cleaner lmao.
It's a Wertheim 6030 if you want to look it up.

Right now I have to tidy, vacuum & carpet clean Koby's bedroom (wish me luck) then edit some photos from Sonaeyas birthday yesterday to upload onto here later.
Check back soon for her cheesy grin!

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