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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Robes & Things

So the internals of the robes are installed i.e. the shelves & rails BUT the doors aren't in until tomorrow.
We received a phone call on Wednesday arvo explaining that the aluminium for the doors couldn't be obtained until the day of install, so therefore they were changing our install day to Monday instead.
After all the crap they'd put me through already I just broke down into tears.
I asked her if she was joking & explained we'd spent 5 hours piling the bed with clothes & boxes etc & unscrewing the shelves & taking off the rails ready for them to install the following day.
I also asked her if she expected me to put it all back & wait another 4 days.
She actually apologised, offered me nappy vouchers (which I'm yet to see) & said they'd put all the shelves & rails in & put the doors on another day. I gave up & agreed as I couldn't live with all the crap all over the bedrooms for any longer.

See BEFORE this final phone call that led me to cry, I'd been put through the ringer.
Hubby & I decided to go with Uzit wardrobes as they were a South Australian owned & operated company, so, if we DID have any problems, it would be dealt with here rather than interstate. They also price matched against Hills matching there price so knocked $200 off what they quoted us as they were slightly more expensive.

We drove all the way to there showroom with Sonaeya (a 40 minute drive) & paid them a deposit only after double checking that the install would be 10 days from the date of payment so therefore Monday August 3rd.
I was assured it would be so paid the deposit & was told I'd receive a phone call about an installation time on Monday 27th July.
Well Monday came & went so I emailed on Wednesday night (broken home phone line STILL & not enough phone credit to ring) asking if we existed as we sere STILL waiting for a phone call.
Thursday I'm rang by a rude sales assistant that said install would be August 12th.
"Excuse me I was told 10 days from deposit so I'm expecting Monday 3rd or there abouts."
"It's 10 BUSINESS/WORKING days from the date of deposit.
I argued that I'd double checked this with the sales/quote guy & was told Mon August 3rd. She retorted that he was wrong, tough, & that there's no way they could do it that soon as the colour we picked for the doors was special order from their supplier.
I asked her since WHEN was it special order - we hadn't been told that when quoted as otherwise, we'd probably have chosen a different colour to save time!
Again, she said it was special order end of story & could only offer the 12th.
I tld her I was disgusted about being told false information & not being told important information that we should have, just to gain our business.

Half an hour later, she rang back to say she'd "Done me a favour & re-arranged the installer" JUST to come to our house on Thursday 6th to install our robes & that she'd shuffled other customers around to accommodate us.
I told her I didn't appreciate the guilt trip & that she was doing us no "favours" at all & that her company should stick to what they advertise.
What she was "offering" is what we were told we would receive regardless.

I explained to her WHY we chose them over the other companies (they were reasonable in price & offered a 10day install rather than weeks like everyone else), that we liked them being SA owned & operated, that their product seems of a better quality etc & that so far we'd been stuffed around.
She didn't care so I was left rather pis@#d off & THEN to get the call on Wednesday that they were going to cancel just pushed me over the edge.
Add to that they said 10:30am the installer would be here.
Try 1:30pm (3 hours LATE) & no phone call to explain.

Lets just see how these doors go tomorrow shall we?

Next weekend we're off to Port Vincent for the weekend to use a spa cabin voucher we were given for Christmas last year.
I need a break!

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