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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No Signs Yet.....

Of ALL the days I can ACTUALLY have a sleep in without having to get up at the crack of sparrow farts to get the kids to school & childcare - I can't SLEEP!
I've been up since 5:30am - WHY?

UGG! Not happy Jan. I woke up at 2:30am with indigestion SOOOOOO bad I was worried I was going to burn Steven hair & eye brows off even after THREE Rennie!
That's when I figured it safer (for hubby) if I slept in a semi-upright position on the lounge. That was until Sonaeya woke up at 5:30am saying her foot hurt - poor bugger had pins & needles so she crept into bed with daddy.
As far as I know they're all snuggled up together. SUCH a daddys girl!

Well on another subject I bid on an auction site online & drive 40minutes to pick up whatever we have won. It's not like Ebay so you can't retract your bids though so when I bid a few weeks ago on some purple label 'Omni Berry' wine after I'd won some previously. I couldn't retract my bid!
I tried the wine & hated it (did I mention I'm a bourbon girl? No? Well I am) & bought this - (it was cheap) - thinking being it was berry, it MIGHT actually be a wine I liked. BABOOOOOWWWWW. I could drink it but I didn't 'like' it so now I'm stuck with THIRTY (yes that's right 30) bottles of the stuff I'm trying to re-sell but I don't know if I'm allowed to advertise it without a liquor licence.

Again - UGG!

No sign of baby 3 yet. Supposedly this Monday but we'll see. I'm hoping no longer I'm just SO SORE no matter what I do.
I'm tired after being awake for an HOUR it's ridiculous.
I'm telling you it wasn't LIKE this with the other two!
Hubby is excited - which is cute - as after missing our daughters birth & having 2 kids already, he knows what to expect which is great.
The outfits look so tiny & I can't wait to post a pic of the new addition. But only if people want to see him that is. Give me your thoughts :-)

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