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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tevven Lukas Booth Has Arrived!

Well after almost a WEEK in hospital our little man was allowed to come home today!

He had a continual rising temp over the day he was born & was admitted to the special care nursery for 48 hours, had a drip put in & was given antibiotics, blood tests and urine tests.
I wasn't ready for it all so was quite a mess for a while but the tests came back clear so they allowed him home today, under strict monitoring for a week.

I'm VERY tired as they would ring my room to get me to come to the nursery to feed him & then return to my ward.
I found it so hard being in the room & being the only mother WITHOUT their tiny baby snuggled up in a cot next to their bed.
There were lots of silent tears after visitors had left I tell you.
I'm very teary still which is not like me - I'm just so glad to be home & want to cuddle up in my husbands arms forever.
I think I just need a hug after being stuck in there all this time.
Here are some pictures anyway as I've got the other 2 in the bath & am SO exhausted.

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