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Friday, October 23, 2009

Three Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed!

Well no I don't ACTUALLY have a story about my 3 kids jumping on a bed but I did need an interesting blog title for a change!
Tevven is going great. Such a placid & generally none fussy little guy.
A few nights at 8:30pm until about 11pm nothing seems to settle him & he grizzles a little but other than that he's great.
He actually slept for 6 hours straight last night so my boobs (yes BOOBS) were killing me from him not feeding. I tried to get him to feed but he just wanted sleep so 5am I was up milking myself like a cow (not that cows can milk themselves but you get the idea)
He gets rather agro at night if my milk doesn't flow freely for him, if he has to work for it he pulls of & gets grumpy so I top him up with 60 - 90mls of formula & he's a happy little fellow.

Koby & Sonaeya love him to BITS! All Koby talks about at school is his little brother & they both shower him with lots of kisses & cuddles.
Koby is doing great at school & learning to put his hand up rather than just call out all the time.
Sonaeyas speech is awesome - she likes to talk more & explain what she's done at childcare that day which is great.

Hubby, well hubby is back driving his trucks & loving the face that I actually have boobs for a change due to breast feeding. If only I could keep them this size - they're perfect sized for me. Maybe one day...........

Baby is peacefully sleeping (thankfully) so I'm off to have a rarity now-a-days, a SHOWER!
Oh how I love my hot showers - I hear it calling my name now can you hear it?
"Jeeeeeeeeeemmmma come HERE Jemma"
Lol yes I'm crazy I know.
I post more pics soon.
Bye for now.

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