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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Nope I'm not pregnant again just to put that out there.
Tevven has become a fuss pot towards 6pm & fights his sleep pretty badly.
He's currently squirming around & getting cranky in his bassinet.

At 2am today Sonaeya vomited everywhere in her room, I'm talking on herself, the bed sheets, the actual bed, her pony, everywhere & it was THAT bad that hubby had to peg it on the washing line & HOSE it off before I'd even let it NEAR my washing machine.

She doesn't seem sick so must have had a bad tummy or ate something she shouldn't.
After giving her a shower & a much needed cuddle, she happily went back to bed.

Telstra has informed me that after EIGHT MONTHS of fighting & being without a home phone line that works, they're sending contractors to repair it by the latest November 3rd.
Well that came & went & I was then informed it would be latest November 26th.
I wont hold my breathe on that one.

he weather here is going to be really hot. Yesterday & today were 33degrees Celsius. Mon & Tue will be 35 degrees & Wed, Thur & Fri = 37degrees Celsius. Too hot for me.

My little baby Koby is growing up so quickly. He turned a big 6 on Friday 2 days ago & I can't believe it was just yesterday that he was born.
Well, not quite but it feels like it.
He's turned into quite the little snuggle bunny so I get my cuddles when I can.

Right now my head is thumping so I need to sit down for a little bit - bloody hot weather gives me the worse headaches & migraines.
Hope your weekends are going great.

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