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Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Been SOOOOOOO Long.....

Since I posted! I know I know I should have posted earlier but with 2 toddlers AND a newborn it's a bit hectic!

Well after EIGHT MONTHS yes EIGHT MONTHS of fighting with my phone company & Telstra, Telstra have FINALLY ripped up the old cables & replaced them with new. I have a working home phone & broadband Internet that doesn't cut out if it's too hot or rains!
Only thing is they broke my driveway in half in the process & after 'fixing' it added way too much sand in the concrete mix so it's crumbling to bits.
SUPPOSEDLY they're coming on Saturday to fix it again but I won't hold my breathe!

Tevven is doing great, he was 59cm long at last measure when he was 6 weeks old but he's almost 10weeks old now so I have no idea.
I think he's going to be incredibly tall as his hands, feet & even his fontanel are huge.

Koby has just finished his 1st year at school & is in grade 1 next year - where did the time go? He's 6 already it's ridiculous!
Sonaeya is a big 3 now & quite the bossy britches. She can also be a complete sweetheart too.
Tevven is almost 10weeks & having trouble bringing up his wind. I'm not producing much breast milk at all anymore even after 2 lots of medication to try & increase it. I'm very disappointed in myself & my body that I can't provide for my son but there's nothing else I can do.

I now have a stack of GORGEOUS dresses to list on Ebay that Sonaeya has now grown out of. That's going to take a while to list & I'm not looking forward to it at all.
If you're interested or have friends that may be then my Ebay name is blondbluej23

I upgraded the internals of my computer & bought an LCD monitor. I have that new windows 7 but it is CONSTANTLY freezing or shutting down my web pages.
I need to speak to a computer geek to see whether Napster or something would be better as it's driving me completely INSANE!

I'm looking at having a 10day holiday in QLD next year around October when my sister gets married but with four of us having to pay full adult fair it really sucks money wise for flights, accommodation, car hire, theme park entry etc.
Why can't I win just $10,000 on the lottery as that'd be SO much easier than saving.

We've had new built in robes installed, replaced some carpet in the hallway with lino,& are thinking about having our bathroom completely re-done but again, it all costs money & is near impossible on one income.

Right now I have a restless Tevven strapped to my chest that I'm trying to settle to sleep. The two toddlers are using every excuse they can not to go to bed & it's driving me nuts!

Not long before Christmas either. Wonder if I've been a good girl for Santa this year?
Have you?

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