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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scratch The holiday House.....

So after sleeping on the holiday house/cabin idea we have decided to renovate the bathroom & kitchen instead!
Yes I am COMPLETELY crazy as I had it in my head it would be cheaper but not so far.

I've had about 20-30 tradies in to quote so far from a new kitchen, plumbing, electrical, tiling etc & STILL more to come this week!
We've just returned from kitchen looking & hunting for tiles but a few tile shops were shit - BUGGA!

I have an idea for the tiles - symetrical is BORING so now I have to draw my idea up - SO not looking forward to that!
We have creative licence with our bathroom tile colours as the walls will be white as they'll be new & the bath & vanity will also be white.
I thought it would be easier than being forced to stick within a range of colours but it's HARDER.
We like too many different styles & colours of tiles so we're struggling but the kitchen has been a little easier due to the colour of the lino giving us boundaries to work with.

I'm actually getting rather excited about the whole thing (although it's exhausting) & can start to picture the end result.
I will post pictures of the kitchen & bathroom we have now & then after the renovations are complete for comparison.
We still have a few more weeks of quoting to go & chasing up those whom haven't given us a quote yet.

On another note, Tevven doesn't look at anyone & turns away when raised up in front of someones face. He see's the sunlight as he shys away & turns towards light but doesn't respond or look at someone smiling at him & smile back.
I have an Orthoptist appointment with him on Feb26th so fingers crossed he's just falling behind a bit - I just want him to look at me & give me his beautiful smile instead of just having wind.
He's now 3.5months old & doing great other than something wrong with his eyes.

Koby & Sonaeya have been driving me insane over these school holidays, fighting & feeding off each other when they're being naughty - I can't wait for Koby to go back to school then it'll just be Tevven & I again.

Hubbyy has tomorrow off work so we're taking the boys (Sonaeya is in childcare Mon) to a bathroom showroom to look at the shower bath we like & also all the other fixtures like taps & spouts etc.

I'm going to head off for a sleep I think - I'm so exhausted after my 2:30AM bedtime this morning lol, but that's another story.

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