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Sunday, January 3, 2010


So Tevven is now 3 months old & such a good baby!
I'm worried that he can't see anything though as he NEVER focuses on peoples faces - just looks at light from the windows.
He doesn't flinch even if you flick your fingers in front of his face so I'm getting him checked out to make sure his sight is ok.

Hubby & I are looking at buying a holiday caravan with annex so I'll speak to the bank this week to see if & how much we can borrow.

Christmas was quiet away on the coast & new years was a cocktail night at a friends.

I'm still trying to catch up on sleep but poor little Tevven is pretty tired from it all too & slept 5.5 hours straight last night!

Hubby's had the past 3 days off which is unusual so i'm hoping they don't ask him to come into work on Thursday as we need to see the bank then.

Spotlight was clearing out a stack of fabric the other day & I received 7 rolls for $30 I was SO excited BUT then they had their $700 Elna overlockers on sale for 50% off so $350. I was given a 30% of voucher too so I received a brand new Elna 4 thread overlocker for $227.18 - I was MIGHTY impressed with my own little Christmas present there!

Koby is a little upset that he's not going to be into the same class this year as his little buddy Jayden but I'm sure he'll be ok.

Sonaeya is turning into such a little girly girl & has suddenly got this incredible long blonde hair it's just gorgeous!

Santa spoilt the kids rotten with a Bumble Bee bike for Koby & Barbie electric scooter for Sonaeya.
I head they were both bargain prices too - Bumblee Bee was $99 & Barbie electric was $89.

I have to get these stinky kids to bed so I must get going - I also still haven't caught up with my washing yet either!

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