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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February Events

So, Tevven was told he'd have no chance of vision with his left eye so we're seeking a 2nd opinion & see a top retinal specialist tomorrow morning.
Wish us luck.
The renovations are well underway, we have no walls or ceiling in our bathroom & only one bentchtop/cupboard left in the kitchen.
I just want it all finished as we've been having dramas with the plumber. UGH!

My birthday was on the 20th February & was very lonely & eye opening to me.
I realised just how much I'm not regarded with either family on both sides as no one bothered to even wish me a Happy Birthday or buy me a gift other than my dad who bought me a Chinese phone battery.
My husband organised a 'suprise' dinner except the Tavern lost the booking so ended up putting us in a corner. Real good day all out.
The ONE day a YEAR that is actually about me for a change & no one could give a f$%^.
Yes I'm upset & bitter about it as I go out of my way to make sure I buy appropriate gifts for everyone else on their birthdays.
Not even a card from the kids :(

Tonight is the Father In Laws birthday so mine is well & truly forgotten & we're going out to a Birthday dinner for him soon.
We're going to be flat out with appointments & renovations until Saturday so no rest for the wicked here.

I have 2 boys to get bathed & dressed nicely (in a baby bath mind you as we have no taps connected & the bath has been ripped out)
Enjoy the rest of your week.

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