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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Tevven, my tiny little 4 month old boy is facing a long hard road ahead of him after I noticed he wasn't looking at people.
After jumping up & down I was finally given a referral to see a specialist.
The news is not good.
Tevven has what's called 'PHPV' (you can google that) hard to explain but basically a cord of veins that form the eye hasn't disappeared like it's supposed to & he also has a cataract behind the lens of his left eye.
We're currently fighting the hospital as they ticked that both his eyes were perfectly normal when it's obvious to anyone than shines a light in - that they're clearly not.

My tiny little man is going under general anaesthetic tomorrow at 2pm so they can look right at the back of his eye to see if there's any damage in there. If so then an operation to try & fix his eye will be of no use to him.
We're terrified, I can't thin of anything but tomorrow & watching them put his tiny little body to sleep & then wheel him away from me.
I feel guilty that it's something I've done & furious that the doctors didn't check him properly - ESPECIALLY since he was in the special care nursery for a few days.

I have to stop feeding him by 10am & he's only allowed water until 12pm.
My tiny baby - there's nothing I can do to fix this.
I hate it.

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