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Friday, March 12, 2010


Well I'm so TOTALLY P@#$%^ off that I have to wait until the week AFTER next for my kitchen to be installed - I can't stand this mess any more!
Oh be QUIET I KNOW it was MYYYYYYY idea to reno the kitchen & bathroom but it's taking tooooo long & driving me nuts!

Add to that my once angelic little baby has decided every 1.5 is THE BEST TIME to wake u & party, is not helping my situation!

Sonaeya decided (whilst I was sick in bed & hubby was 'watching' them) that it was an AWESOME time to find a pair of scissors & hack of half of her hair - I cried like a baby when I saw her efforts as there's not much I can do with it now except cut it all off!

My car is being a PITA & I need to start looking for work again otherwise we're going to be in dire straights for money - anyone know of a Thursday, Sat & Sunday job going for a mother of 3? No? Well you're no help to me :(

I have more pics of my growing little man to put up & some of Sonaeyas pile of hair too!

Before I go I just wanted to say goodluck to Suzanne on the pending arrival of baby number 2 in 2 weeks time. I couldn't do it again as it's too much work taxing around lol!

Sonaeyas pile of hair!

Her hack job results:

My Tevven:

Sleeping 'stick em up' style:

My clever boy rolling:

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