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Thursday, April 1, 2010


That's better!
Would you believe not ONLY did the kitchen installer come the day AFTER he was supposed to which cost me 2 lots of childcare mind you, but he then tells me it'll take 2.5 days to install.
WELL! 8 days later & he's STILL going! Yes I'm furious as I want my house back to normal, he's been LATE by 2 - 4.5 HOURS on some days & then wants to work after 8pm. What part of I have THREE small children does he not understand?
He has yet to show up today but on a brighter note it's Easter & my bathroom is 99% complete, just a paint tough up needed & all done.

I have 2 pairs of kitchen curtains to get started on & ALL of the new cupboards to stock with everything - I think that in itself will take a few days.

Tevven had extremely bad conjunctivitis but he's all fixed now & Sonaeya has a bit of a chesty cough but we're on to that.

Right now I could kill for a bourbon :)

I'll leave you with some before & after shots of my bathroom & some of the kitchen so far.....
Happy Easter people!

Bathroom comparison:

Old kitchen:

Old kitchen almost empty:

New kitchen so far:

The new MASSIVE pantry:

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