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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Reno's are over.............well.....................almost! Just have the cornice to paint in the kitchen & I think that's FINALLY it!
What a complete head screw though. took EIGHT days to install the new kitchen not the 2.5 we were told. The owner of the kitchen business was late by at LEAST 2 hours everytime so when he appeared at 2:30pm instead of 9am he dared wonder why I was SO furious? To top it off my home phone line has been playing up again & after a year of fighting & documenting everything against Optus last year - I can't say i'm keen to go another round with them, even if I did win the last one!
I'm tired due to a certain little man that is now SIX months old - yes SIX MONTHS. Where did all that time go? He's waking up every few hours the past few days but hopefully he'll start sleeping longer again. It may have something to do with the white toothie peg I can see under his bottom gum.
He is the CHEEKIEST little guy ever & is such a happy, inspiring little boy. Honestly just thinking about his little face when he cracks his famous grins just makes me smile. He is an absolute pleasure to be around & SO much better behaved than my other 2 children. I still totally adore the other 2 though so don't worry, each of them has their own special trait like Koby & Sonaeya just want to snuggle up with me lately & I take cuddles whilst I can get them as I know it won't last as they get older.
It's 10:57pm & I need to get myself into bed & stop these late nights - it's killing me. I'll be sure to post pictures of the new kitchen, bathroom & toothie peg ASA I remember & I get a break from cleaning & making curtains & pants & washing etc etc.
Thanks for reading this far & feel free to leave me a comment, doesn't have to be post related, randoms comments are good too :D

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