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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Military Man!

Yup I'm the proud mother of a soldier, an army crawling tiny little soldier!

He crawls like a little soldier. My clever little man & once he builds up a rhythm he won't stop until he reaches whatever it is he's set his eyes on!
He started out lying on his belly with only his legs wiggling around like he was doing the river dance, yes, the river dance!
Then he would lift up onto his knees & rock backwards & forwards, only to drop back onto his belly but once he realised he could move he pulled himself arm over arm, sometimes so fast he lost pace with his arms & ends up just using one arm to pull himself along.

Yes this is purely & simply & mummy gushing post. Regardless of the fact I have seen my babies crawl twice before, each child is slightly different in the way they do things & his way is quite entertaining to watch!

He was also quite happily sitting in his musical swing earlier with a straight face & let rip with the loudest of farts. He proceeded to look up blankly around the room as if to question who & what made such a noise. It had us all in hysterics for a while I tell you!

He has got to be THE best behaved baby I have had & also the happiest, cheekiest little man I'm proud to have brought into this world. Don't get me wrong, I love all three of my children equaly but he's just such a pleasure to have as my last child. (So we have *decided*)

Well it's bed time for me as little man has been down about an hour now so after figuring out how to fiddle with the layout of my blog page, I'm done for this post,

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