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Monday, May 3, 2010

Yes 3:30AM is 'technically' morning Tevven....

Well now being 4:20am yes morning here in Australia although WAY to early for my liking!
In true Tevven fashion he has decided to have a bottle & start making like gurgles & on to bigger groans & yelling out so into the lounge room we went so he could continue said activities, in his musical swing thing.
No batteries mind you as they wore out.

I've been up with him since 3am, he's been awake an hour and a half & still fighting sleep. I however, would GLADLY go to bed & snuggle up in my sheets, considering my alarm time is 7am so I can get the kids ready for school/childcare.

I've been 'planning' on making pants for Sonaeya out of rolls & rolls of fabric I bought sometime towards the end of last year. So far, I've un-picked a pair of pants that fit her to use as a template for the news ones, but that's it.

In between, doctors, hospitals, anti-biotic runs, cleaning, washing, drying, folding, washing the car, driving the kids around, cooking, entertaining, being stuck on the phone to a phone company about a crap phoneline/internet (again), administering first aid to the kids, cuddling, fixing my car & generally bending over backwards for everyone else, that's as far as I've got with making Sonaeya pants.
I've never EVER made pants before so this should be interesting.
I will post my 'efforts' if & when I ever get around to making the said pants!

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